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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last post for Writ 101

I have really enjoyed using a blog. I had never tried one before this semester and I like being able to just let my feeling flow while writing on my blog. On a blog it is yours and you can write anything you want to express your feelings. They are a great way to communicate with friends and to understand what they think about different things, and to see their opinion on issues.
                At first I was a little bit bummed about having to make a blog but they turned out to be fun and interesting. I never thought I would get a blog but I am glad that we had to for this class. It is the perfect way to write short pieces without having to write a paper. It is nice to just write a few words on the blog to just show how you are feeling or what is going on in life.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

misses reading :(

                To be honest I haven’t completed one book all semester. I have started Dear John but have yet to finish it. I really enjoy the book so far I am about halfway done I just do not have the time to read as often as I would like to. The book is by far better than the movie! There are so many more details. I also like that I have seen the movie because I can paint a full picture while I am reading.
                But since I haven’t finished a book I will tell you about something else that has stood out to me this semester. Art, my friend is an art major and I love all of her stuff. Her room is like an art gallery and it has inspired me to learn about art. I am not artistic at all but I love to look at art and appreciate it. Last week my friend had a few paintings in an art show downtown. I went to see them and had so much fun. When I walked in I was so amazing at all of the beautiful paintings. I don’t know why all of a sudden I have fallen in love with art but I cannot wait to see her next piece she is working on.

Monday, November 29, 2010

So sad that break had to end!

            I had an amazing Thanksgiving break. It was packed full of fun activities. On the first night of break my friends and I went sledding, it was really fun because often times we don’t have nearly this much snow over thanksgiving break. After sledding I went out to dinner at the Mustard Seed and then a few friends and I went bowling at West Side lanes, it was a great time even though everyone was mad at me because I was the winner.
            The next morning a group of my girlfriends and I all went sledding at Rainbow Park. I’ve never had so much fun sledding all of us piled on one inter tube and went racing down the hill. After sledding we went out to dinner and then my friend had a party for my whole senior class because everyone was home for the holidays. It was so nice to get together and see everyone!         My Thanksgiving was the same that it is every year, my family goes up to my aunt and uncles for a big dinner. After dinner my family always goes to a movie this year the movie was Unstoppable. One of my best friends was home from Oregon State and her family is really close with mine so we all went to the movie together.
            Friday a group of my friends and I went up to Seeley and stayed at a cabin and just had a grand old time. On Saturday the girls and I just went out to dinner and then went out on the town. I should have taken some time out of my break to study but of course I didn’t. This week I really need to start to crack down on my studies. I have to do really good on my final in Biology or I will not get credit.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Troll

           There once was a girl that lived long, long ago. She had hair as golden as the sun, and the face of an angel. This girl’s name was Julieta, she lived long ago in a rich English village. Julieta was well loved by everyone in the town, and was wanted by all of the men near and far for her hand in marriage. No matter what man she met with, she never seemed to enjoy his company. Her father one day told her that she was one day going to need to pick a man to marry before it becomes too late. Julieta was not the type of girl who would settle down with a man that she knew she would never be happy with. She was an incredibly strong-willed girl with the heart of a dragon, she knew what she wanted and she was not about to settle for something else to please her father.
            One day, while Julieta was on a walk in the forest she heard a sound that she had never heard before, it sounded like some sort of whimpering or heavy breathing. Julieta, being the girl that she was, could not just walk past the sound and ignore it. She began to go off the trail, deeper and deeper into the wilderness searching for what could possibly be making the odd sound. As she approached a slow moving creek, the sound began to get stronger than ever and she knew that she was getting close. Julieta then peered around a corner and in a small cave was what looked to be a man with his back to her. Julieta couldn’t believe her eyes, she had no idea what a man could be doing so far out in the wilderness. She then gathered up her courage and gently touched the man on the shoulder and said, “Hello…” The man turned around with tears running down his face and a pile of tissues in his lap. But it turned out it wasn’t a man after all; it was some sort of troll, which Julieta had never seen before in her entire life. His face was as green as the greenest grass you had ever seen, and his nose was the size of a banana with a giant wart on the very tip. She was a bit scared but had a good feeling that the creature would not harm her. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
            The troll sadly responded, “No one likes me, I’ve tried to talk to people near and far and everybody just runs away from me and screams.” Julieta felt heartbroken for the troll, knowing that all he wanted was a little company, “Well I will talk to you,” she said, “What is your name? I’m Julieta.” The trolls face slowly turned from a frown to a smile, “My name is Xavier,” he said in a deep rumbling tone, “It’s nice to finally meet someone who will talk to me,” he said happily. “It’s nice to finally meet someone who won’t try to marry me,” said Julieta, “In my village I cannot speak to another man, without him asking me if I will take his hand in marriage.” “I’m sorry to hear that,” said Xavier, “Would you like to go on a walk with me, I know a great spot up on top of Mount Fasa!” “Sure, that sounds great,” said Julieta happily.
            Off they went, at first it was a bit awkward for the two of them, considering they had never met before, but they soon got caught up in some small talk and they sounded as if they had known each other for years. It was instant chemistry. As the two reached the top of the highest peak in the valley Xavier exclaimed, “Here it is!”
            “Wow… this is truly… incredible,” said the stunned Julieta, “I have never seen anything like this before.” The peak overlooked the entire valley of Julieta’s village and much, much more. You could see for miles and miles. The two found a nice spot towards the edge and snuggled up next to each other as the sun slowly began to disappear behind the glorious mountains surrounding them. Julieta looked up into Xavier’s big brown eyes and shyly said the three words with the most meaning than any other words known to man. “I love you,” she said. Xavier looked down at her and looked deeply into her eyes and “I love you too.” Julieta had finally found her match.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


            I enjoyed reading the Cathedral. I thought that the narrator was quite rude at first. He did not want the blind man staying in his home with him and his wife. This is understandable I don’t think many men would be excited about it, but he made it work for his wife.  As the story went on and the narrator met the blind man and he began to warm up to him. At times I thought it was sad that he felt a little left out, while his wife and the blind man were in conversation. I think it was a good choice for his wife to fall asleep between them and let them get to know each other. The narrator ended up enjoying his company and understanding the way the blind man learned things and the way he thought about things. I am sure it meant a lot to his wife that they got to know and understood each other and that the narrator tried to help the blind man understand what a cathedral was.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick Or Treat

               My Halloween weekend started off with a very long drive to Odgen, Utah for the football game. As if driving eight hours on the best weekend of the year wasn’t bad enough, we lost the game and got soaked while cheering. During the game I felt so many different emotions, I went from being hot and excited to being wet, cold and sad. There is nothing better than cheering with all of the great griz fans, but when we lose it all turns around. The drive back seemed much longer because I was so anxious to get home and dress up. We arrived in Missoula at 12:15, I went straight home and changed into my costume and was out the door by 12:40. I dressed up as a black cat, my costume was very last minute I wasn’t planning on dressing up at all.
                I met some of my friends down town at the Elks Club, we just hung out and checked out everyone else’s costumes.  I was so tired from the drive I ended up leaving within an hour and so and sleeping on a friends coach. The next day my friend and I went to Montana Club for lunch and we ended up eating more candy than we ate our lunch.  Candy is a horrible holiday I eat way to much candy and I continue to eat way too much for about two weeks after the holiday because there is so much left over candy at my house, and since the amount of trick or treaters decreases this year in my neighborhood we have a very large amount of candy left over.
                On Sunday my plan was to carve pumpkins with a few girls from my team. That did not work out because no grocery store had any pumpkins! We then resorted to mixing up some Halloween punch and hitting up the Halloween party. Our night of relaxation and scary movies turned into a much different experience.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

1,2,3,4 and 5 easy ways to improve your writing skills :)

 Writing takes a lot of work and time to make the final product exactly how you want it. These five steps have helped me to become a better writer. I hope they help you also!
1.       Do Not Procrastinate! The worst thing that can be done is to try and write a paper the night before or a few hours before the paper is due. The paper will never be exactly the way you want it to be or as good as it could have been. When you give yourself a few days to write a paper, new thoughts and ideas will come to your mind, telling you ways to improve your paper better.
2.       Have a plan for the paper. Make an outline or a sketch to help you hit every point that you want to talk about and so you do not repeat the same information you have previously told the reader.
3.       Grammar is key! Know how to use grammar, also know how to spell. If you are a bad speller keep a dictionary to help you out.  A misspelled word, incorrect coma, or a misplaced period can ruin the paper and disappoint the reader.
4.       Make sure you take the time to edit your paper. Do not worry about writing the paper perfect the first draft that is why we call it a rough draft.  Read over your paper at least three time to try and catch all of the mistakes. It is also helpful to have a new eye critique your paper.
5.   Clear your head, clear your desk and get rid of all distractions. Put the cell phone on silent and ignore it until finished! The best environment for writing is a place where you can only focus on your paper.

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